About Elecex

about elecexWho are we?

Elecex are a UK based designer, manufacturer and supplier of Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment with the mission of delivering the very best in class, portable, hazardous area electrical products to the oil and gas, petrochemical, hazardous area and marine industries.

We have expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and the oil & gas industry and we have an established network of suppliers, consultants, designers and industry insiders to ensure that we are delivering the best products on offer, tailored to ensure they are not only suitable for the environment but that they are suitable for solving the most pressing issues the industry has today and the most pressing issues it will encounter tomorrow.

What drives us?

Making sure we take the time to understand our customer's needs is what is important to us and providing an unparalleled level of customer service. Whether the job is small or large, we have a passion for quality and a focus on timely delivery.

With excellence in everything we do, we bring our insight and experience to adapt to each customer's requirements and situation. Our aim throughout is customer satisfaction.

Core Values

We believe in our core values because they determine who we are, how we work and guide us in how we do business.

  • Safety - in our industry safety is of the utmost importance. Here at Elecex it is our top priority and we are committed to protecting our personnel, our customers and improving safety standards.
  • Environment - we only have one world and it is our duty to protect and conserve it, we are committed to using environmentally friendly materials, waste management and continuously reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Innovation - being imaginative and delivering original, fit-for-purpose solutions to our diverse base of customers.
  • Quality - we work to the highest specifications and quality standards, to make sure that our customers receive only the best products.
  • Response Time - we fully understand the importance of timely and speedy delivery and we seek to achieve this at all times. We work closely with our customers to ensure accurate and on-time delivery wherever in the world you are.